About Us

This is a healthcare center with the theme of Hello Kitty. With the use of Hello Kitty’s cute and optimistic image to deliver positive healthcare information to minimize the fear towards common illness in parents and children and to instill the concept of “prevention is better than cure”, allowing the kids to grow happily and healthily.

There is going to be a series of promotion to facilitate the understanding in common diseases in public, raising the awareness of the importance of children’s health. We will cooperate with different organizations regularly to deliver healthcare talks to pregnant women, students, parents and working people, in order to raise the awareness of health in the general public.

We will also provide healthcare talks and vaccination services, such as flu, chicken pox and HPV vaccines, for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions.

Comprehensive family healthcare. Besides vaccination and health checks for kids, there are also vaccinations for adults, including flu, chicken pox and HPV vaccines, one-stop allergy test and medications for allergies and desensitization treatment.